Tipsy Willow Farms Creating A Need For Young Farmers

Tipsy Willow Farms Creating A Need For Young Farmers

The future needs real food…that’s creating a need for young farmers. At Tipsy Willow Farm near Indian River, 2 young farmers are combining the past and present to establish the future of farming!

The Beginning…The history begins with the barn.   It lets you know that Tipsy Willow has been around since 1878.  In 2010, Geraldine and Sean Heffernan purchased the property from the previous owners to expand their farm. In the winter of 2019, Jeanette, the youngest Heffernan daughter, started her own farming adventure on Tipsy Willow and purchased her first flock of 160 sheep.  Since then she’s also acquired pigs and goats. In March of 2019, she met Katie Sherratt, another young farmer who began helping out on the farm.  Katie has brought a variety of new animals to the farm including ducks, chickens, and water buffalos. Together, Jeanette and Katie are working to expand the farm while using eco-conscious and traditional methods to provide customers with healthy and delicious products. 

Their MissionTipsy Willow Farm offers ethical and healthy products to their local community by applying sustainable practices to traditional farming techniques.

Their VisionTipsy Willow aims to produce products using eco-conscious methods that give back to the environment. The farm strives to create a space that will educate the community on the potential of sustainable farming in today’s society while connecting people to the farm and their food.

Their ProductsTipsy Willow wants to give customers access to the farm’s ethically and sustainably raised meat products. That’s why they offer monthly meat boxes to make it easier for you to get their products and try new meat cuts!   Subscribe at

They’ve also ventured into creating eco-conscious skin care products. They use lard in combination with other natural ingredients to create soaps and lip balms. Lard based skin care products are not only good for the environment, they’re good for your skin. Ask about Tipsy’s special holiday soaps.

You can also purchase Tipsy Willow tote bags, T-shirts and hoodies.

This holiday season, gifts from Tipsy Willow will bring pure joy!    

They offer gift certificates too.  

Get Involved…If you want to learn more about Tipsy Willow Farm, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @tipsywillowfarm.  

If you’re interested in working with them, please contact them through the website or any of the social media platforms!

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