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Advertise With Us believes that in a time where information is readily available, but not always reliable, that information needs to be delivered by people you trust, local reporters that care about your community.  Our newsroom upholds the highest standard of journalism integrity.

Stories and opinions are presented in a variety of ways from a variety of sources. is available and accessible to all who want to contribute, either through comments, stories and photo submissions or ideas and suggestions for future coverage. 

Why advertise LOTS OF EYEBALLS as a result of content and design.

74% of Canadians spend at least 3 - 4 hours on the internet every day. averages more than ONE MILLION page views monthly.
That is a lot of eyeballs on your message!

Design - Designed for today’s internet user, encouraging the reader to scroll through pages and navigate throughout the website.  This user flow will maximize the advertising spots, increasing the chances of the ad being seen and interacted with.   
- The truly responsive design ensures the user has a positive experience on all devices. 

Content.  A mistake that traditional media continues to make is to force a process into a platform that doesn’t fit.  InQuinte is an online news media source that designs the local content for the online user; photo galleries, video and audio links, and user-friendly social media sharing features.
- More than news – providing a range of views and opinions from interesting and unique perspectives from people you know and trust – Cole's Notes; Bill Glisky's View From the Cheap Seats and more.  Research shows that loyal readership is developed from lots of “opinion content”, features and stories.  One of the founders of the Huffington Post remarked in an interview that a large part of their success (founded in 2005 as a political blog, and sold to AOL in 2009 for $351 million) is thanks to ordinary people enjoy sharing good, interesting and controversial content. 

Metrics - Dedication to monitoring metrics to ensure the users are engaged.  What are people reading and sharing – testing, tweaking and adding content in real-time to continually improve the user experience through the website and social media platforms.  52 % of people have 5 or more internet-connected devices in their home, and this number is increasing day by day.
- All customers are provided with regular reports, showing exactly how many times their ad appeared on pages of with urchin tracking so you can better identify the results from your own analytics.   Know where your customers are coming from, know where they go on your site, so you can maximize your online presence. 

Flexibility – Our in-house graphic design team ensures that ads can be updated almost immediately if needed.  A 3-day turnaround is preferred for creative builds, but if there are issues that affect the success of a campaign, creative can be changed with a click of a mouse.

Price - Programs are priced for a variety of needs and budgets.   



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