OSM thrives in Belleville and the Bay of Quinte region

OSM thrives in Belleville and the Bay of Quinte region

  • July 21, 2020 - 9:08 AM
  • Quinte Economic Development Commission
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Online Sales & Marketing (OSM) is a digital agency that offers marketing, branding, hosting, and web design to their clients. OSM does their best for their customers, working hard to understand them, and this keeps them successful.

Josh Edwards has been running OSM for a bit over a year, but the business has been going strong in Belleville for over 21 years.

“I love the Bay of Quinte area. That’s why I’m here. A lot of people from Toronto are moving to eastern Ontario because they get a lot more for their money. This might be considered rural, but there’s a lot more business opportunity here condensed in a smaller environment.”

 OSM Hires Local Talent from Bay of Quinte Region

About 80% of the people who work at OSM are graduates of Loyalist College. OSM’s Senior Designer came out of Loyalist and their Designer and Customer Care Support Rep did too. Even Josh studied at Loyalist and was hired to run OSM right out of school.

“Loyalist is a huge part of what has made OSM successful as far as staff for me. I got a really good foundation there in business marketing and sales, and I went right into this company out of school.”

 OSM Succeeds in the Bay of Quinte Region

Josh finds working in the Bay of Quinte region really convenient. Nothing is very far away, traffic congestion really isn’t an issue, and the business community is very healthy.

“The Bay of Quinte area is unique in that it is so tight knit. I was at a business networking meeting this morning and so many companies were there. They are really busy companies, but they take the time to provide mentorship and help and support to others. Because OSM is a 21-year-old firm, but I’ve only been running it for a bit over a year that kind of business community support is so helpful for me.”

When OSM started in 1997, they mostly worked with not-for-profits and ministries. Now they work with high ticket customers like Habitat for Humanity and Home Depot, and with start-ups and smaller businesses too.

“We provide solutions for big and small businesses. You have to understand them and I think we’ve grown in this area with a good understanding of what people want.”

Josh is always studying the consumer and what they want, he feels that’s how OSM continues to grow.

 QEDC Helps Businesses Like OSM Succeed in the Bay of Quinte

As OSM continues to grow in eastern Ontario, the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) is ready to help new and existing businesses.

Visit our website to learn more about how your business can benefit and prosper in the Bay of Quinte.

The Quinte Technology Association (QTA) is a new resource for technology businesses in the Bay of Quinte.  

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