QUINTEVATION: This year time for philosophy of abundance


QUINTEVATION: This year time for philosophy of abundance

The new year has just arrived. It should be welcomed with open arms as it gives us a chance to reflect on the year that just passed and our desires for the year to come.

Without a doubt, every year will have its challenges to overcome and successes to celebrate. During the final months of 2016 it became clear to me what one of our community’s biggest challenge is and one that I hope will be turned into one of our greatest successes.

The beauty of the challenge we have on hand is it doesn’t cost a dime to fix, it only asks for those in our community to shift their thinking.

I am talking about the philosophy of abundance. The philosophy in simple terms is to believe there is enough for us all to be successful. There are enough resources, money, time, customers, ideas, and everything else that can make each one of us successful.

There is no fear in sharing your experiences, your ideas, and helping each other out because being fearful of not having enough doesn’t exist.

Operating with scarcity is the exact opposite: you are fearful your needs won’t be met so you are unwilling to support, collaborate, celebrate, and share with those around you.   

As the development and creation of QuinteVation was underway I saw so clearly those that live and operate with the philosophy of abundance and the many who live and work through the idea of scarcity.

To my surprise it was the entrepreneur who seems to understand the importance of this philosophy, and shockingly those in government organizations who have chosen to operate under the philosophy of scarcity.

One would think that the entrepreneur, the one with their money and livelihood on the line, would be more inclined to fear sharing ideas, hoarding resources and being unwilling to help a competitor.

It was the contrary. They all eagerly got in a room, and casually shared their struggles, their ideas, their dreams, and their successes. They understood there is room for everyone to be successful, there was nothing to fear from sharing and helping.

In turn, many walked away with fresh ideas, solutions to their problems, and felt supported in their journey of entrepreneurism.

The truth is there is enough for everyone. The growth that happens with those who believe in abundance is amazing. Whether you are talking business, politics, or our personal life we are better when we are supported and able to collaborate.

Each one of us has a unique lens which creates our perspectives based on our past experiences. Having the ability to openly share with each other allows us all to learn and grow from each other.

Quintivation is not here to duplicate or eliminate other organizations that support the economic growth in our community. There is no competition needed as there is room for all of us to play our role and all be equally successful in our endeavours.

Quintevation is led by entrepreneurs, supporting the entrepreneurs in a way government organizations are not able to do.

Our role is vital to the success of creating a culture and environment that entrepreneurs need to either grow their business and/or start a business within our community and perhaps more importantly, to scale new clusters of entrepreneur sectors in this region, creating regional GDP.

The roles the other organizations play are equally vital and their success is of the utmost of importance as they complete another section of needs that is important to the growth of our region and the success of entrepreneurs.

Should all organizations adapt the philosophy of abundance, the barriers of fear can come down, the collaboration can begin, and growth can happen.

We all have the same goal we just hold a different piece of the puzzle.

All those who work for our community need to start 2017 with the goal of making our community a place where we all prosper, where success is common, and when times are challenging, companies, organizations, and the citizens of this community feel supported.

We need to make this Bay of Quinte Region a place that is economically successful for the generations coming behind us, a place where quality of life is valued and that there is a true sense of community within our community.  

Ryan Williams is former chair of Bay of Quinte Tourism, chair of QuinteVation and executive vice president of Williams Hotels

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