QUINTEVATION: Entrepreneurial culture exists in Quinte


QUINTEVATION: Entrepreneurial culture exists in Quinte

It’s been a couple of weeks now since QuinteVation, a non-government organization, created by local entrepreneurs, announced its intention to actively promote and grow an entrepreneurial culture in the Bay of Quinte region.

What does that mean? How do you grow a culture? Is it even possible? The key word is “grow.” That implies that there is something there to begin with that needs nurturing.  

There is a term used by city planners called “desire paths.” We have all seen, used, and even created these paths; they are the shortcuts worn into the grass that offer a more direct route to get somewhere.  

Smart planners will look for these chosen paths and pave them. Others will create a separate sidewalk with signs to direct people. What typically happens…people continue to trust and take the user generated path.

At QuinteVation, we want to identify the “Entrepreneurial” paths that are already being created and reinforce them.

Since we made our intentions known we have been flooded with feedback from people wanting to help. This has included local entrepreneurs, organizations, retirees, students, media, people with ideas, and a number of people from outside of our region who are curious and want to join the conversation.

We are clearly not the only ones interested in growing this culture. We are learning about groups, activities, initiatives and plans that are happening all around us. That’s alignment.

Back to the question: is there an existing entrepreneurial culture in need of nurturing? The answer is an overwhelming, “Yes.”

Not only does it already exist but there is a strong desire and will to grow it. Check and check…we have a supported mandate.

QuinteVation is inclusive. Participation is welcomed by everyone.  If you have an idea, the will to grow an entrepreneurial culture in the Bay of Quinte region and the desire to help, there is a role for you.  Please reach out. We will respond.

As one of our QuinteVation initiatives, we are applying to become a StartUpCommunity under the name of StartUpBayOfQuinte (www.startupcommunities.ca)

This will allow us to run a variety of established entrepreneurial events like StartupWeekend, Demo Camps and pitch contests. It will give us National exposure and marketing, political advocacy and a tremendous support system of other Canadian entrepreneurial communities.

Our application requires the signed commitment of individual entrepreneurs as “community leaders” and organizations committed to supporting our efforts as “community partners.”

While we have more than enough for our application we would like to send a clear message that the Bay of Quinte region is one to be watched because of its overwhelming support for entrepreneurship.  If you are an entrepreneur or represent an organization anywhere from Brighton to Napanee, and Tweed to Prince Edward County, and you would like to be on the application please contact us by July 13.

Mary Doyle is a Community Builder with QuinteVation, and a Community Development and Business Consultant with KAPinnovation.  

Mary@KAPinnovation.com (Email) @CanadianTutor (Twitter) 

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