QUINTEVATION: Bay of Quinte gets it right with new Marketing Board


QUINTEVATION: Bay of Quinte gets it right with new Marketing Board

Some weeks, everything seems to go swimmingly for our region, Bay of Quinte. Such was the case with the Bay of Quinte Regional transitional board’s work deciding how we will govern regional marketing in the future on Monday.

The new Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board is a combination of the old Tourism and Living Councils and is the only board of its kind in Canada.  

It is the steward of the brand -- Bay of Quinte -- how we market the brand out of the region, what we market, and for a large part the messaging for how it is perceived in order to grow tourism and population in the region.

I’m stepping off the board after what has been about 10 years of involvement in both the Bay of Quinte Tourist and Living Councils.

Monday’s vote by the board means that for the first time starting April 1, 2017 we will no longer have a representative governing board – one where each municipality or partner gets a voting seat – but rather an elected board that will select the best talented board individuals that will decide the future of policy and strategic decisions of the Bay of Quinte brand.

Each member, whether it be a paying municipality such as Belleville or an organization such as the Quinte Home Builders, will get a seat on the nomination committee, and that committee will select 8-10 members of different skill sets to make up the new Bay of Quinte Marketing Board.

It’s the only board of its kind in Canada where we have private and public, living and tourism, working together to market a region.   

We should be proud.

Recent stats show that the marketing is indeed working.  Backed by an all-star staff, the Bay of Quinte Region’s recent real estate and tourism stats paint a picture of a region growing leaps and bounds.

The Quinte and District Association of REALTORS© newest stats point toward a real increase in sales of homes over the past year.  Residential sales in August alone were up 31 per cent, and through May-August the average sales were up 22 per cent.

For tourism, the leisure season of June-October has doing exceedingly well in the past four years, thanks in a large part to increased marketing and the Bay of Quinte Region.   

Everyone has seen the results of a collaborative branding effort, led by Bay of Quinte and the team of Dug Stevenson and Laura Voskamp, and new team-member Trevor Norris.  

Bay of Quinte got it right in terms of the governance of the new Bay of Quinte Marketing Board.

I for one am extremely happy to leave this board in such great shape and in such great hands for our future and growth of the Bay of Quinte Region.

Ryan Williams is former chair of Bay of Quinte Tourism, chair of QuinteVation and executive vice president of Williams Hotels

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