Bus Cancellations: 05/29/2017

Paul Osborne (right) Orlando Ferro (Centre) and John Robertson discussed how to bring new investors to the Bay of Quinte region Monday. STEPHANIE CLUE FOR INQUINTE.CA

New pilot project hopes to bring investors to the region

With many economic issues facing Canada and the world, Quinte Immigration Services is working on a way to fix them.

The first ever EDTI, Economic Development through Immigration meeting was held Monday afternoon to discuss what resources the Bay of Quinte area has to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Orlando Ferro, executive director for Quinte Immigration Services said information is key to the project. He said they want to make sure people relocating to the region have knowledge of existing resources and support for their businesses.

Ferro added that over the last few months, many foreign companies and investors had contacted QIS about coming to the Bay of Quinte region.

“We see this as an opportunity to attract new business to the area,” he said. “I called on the municipalities and some stakeholders to have a comprehensive discussion and to bring up ideas.”

Other investors have tried to come in the past through a government program called Investors Visa. However, funding for that program was terminated in 2014.

Out of the many things to attract business owners and entrepreneurs to come to the Quinte area is the proximity to major economic centres, like Toronto and Ottawa.

“We want them to know that this is an optimal region to set up a business,” Ferro said. “We’re very close to the 401 Highway.”

New people would bring diversity to the area and help to create more jobs, Ferro added. He said there is a great demand from south of the border to set up shop.

A company QIS recently worked with opened in the Quinte region. The travel company has a large South American clientele. Ferro said with visa restrictions and other travel issues happening in the United States, the company didn’t want to lose the business from South America.

“They believed Canada was a good opportunity for the company,” he said.

The project is in preliminary stages, and Ferro said they are open to any business that wants to open in Canada.

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Bus Cancellations

May 29, 2017

LATE BUSES: The first run of Martin's bus 134 is running 15 minutes late to Napanee this morning.

The first run of Foley bus 487 w/c is running 20 minutes late to the Madoc-area this morning. The 2nd run of 487 is now running 15 minutes late to Marmora.

The 2nd run of First Student Canada - Picton bus 602 is running 15 minutes late to Picton this morning.

The 2nd run of C. Smith bus 893 is running 20 minutes late to Batawa this morning.