Bus Cancellations: 01/16/2017

Jamie Foxx to host ‘Beat Shazam,’ an app-based game show

PASADENA, Calif. — Jamie Foxx is turning game-show host.

The Oscar-winning actor will host Fox TV's "Beat Shazam," an interactive game show based on the song-identification app Shazam.

The game show's producers include Mark Burnett of "Survivor" and "The Voice."

Foxx will preside over "Beat Shazam" as teams of two compete against the clock and other contestants to identify hit songs. The team with the highest score will end up competing with the Shazam app for a cash prize.

"Beat Shazam" is intended to be a "big summer event" for Fox this year, Fox Television Group chief executive Gary Newman told a TV critics' meeting Wednesday.

The Associated Press

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Bus Cancellations

January 16, 2017

LATE BUSES: The first run of Martin's bus 134 is running 30 minutes late to Napanee this morning.

The first run of C. Smith bus 414 is running 30 minutes late to Madoc.

The first run of Foley bus 466 is also running 15 minutes late to Madoc this morning.