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REVIEW: How To Be Single a fun roller-coaster ride

When it comes to movies, one good rule is if Rebel Wilson is in it you know it has to be good.

For some strange reason this movie took me on an emotional roller coaster as the storyline follows 4 women on their  journey of being single, in relationships, pregnant, and partying. Although most would love Rebel Wilson’s character Robin to be their spirit animal, I believe most people are more like Dakota Johnson’s character Alice and are lost in this strange world of tinder, dating and “wheeling”.

Alice (Dakota Johnson)  who recently ended a four-year relationship to “find her self” ends up on a twisty path that involves four men and a lot of alcohol. Yes, this may sound like a messy situation but I do believe it benefits her in the end. Maybe all women/girls need to go on this journey of self-exploration without a boyfriend/girlfriend, and it may involve a lot of alcohol…. But is that really a bad thing?

Seeing as I have spent 98.9% of my 20 plus years single I do think I have finally figured out the single life…. Just joking! No one will ever really figure out the single life, and as society tells us our soul purpose of being on the earth is to find a mate and create a life with them. 

Rebel Wilson in this movie can empower women because she is so happy to be single and embraces every moment of it. Maybe this is the actual purpose of life, to be content with where you are in life at a given moment. 

Not everyone is going to get the same emotional roller coaster ride as I went on but that doesn't mean this isn't worth checking out anyway.

I would suggest taking two hours out of your busy life, get a bag of Cheetos or chips and salsa, and watch it. You will identify with at least one if not all four of characters in one way or another.

It might just empower you to do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while or it may just be two hours you feel you will never get back.

Regardless you will be single in your life at one point or another, so bear-hug being single and have a good ole’ time of only having to worry about your damn hot self! 

How To Be Single - Official Trailer - Official Warner Bros.

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