GUEST BLOG: The QuinteVation Way!


GUEST BLOG: The QuinteVation Way!

What is QuinteVation?

The easy answer is that QuinteVation is a non-governmental organization founded by entrepreneurs with the goal of unifying the region as a hub of entrepreneurial spirit, thinking and action.

Over the past two months, however, I’ve come to understand it as more of an “attitude” towards developing an entrepreneurial community than anything else – the QuinteVation way.

QuinteVation is a call to action – and ultimately a call to lead.

We are building a community of people around passions, causes and ideas. The question always arises “What can I do to help?” The answer lies in the talents and passions of the individual asking. After a very short chat, that path is always there.

“What would you like to see?”

Answers like, “a place for inventors to come together and learn how to build a business around their inventions;”

“to become the first community in the world to be 100% accessible to persons with disabilities;”

“a Bay of Quinte region that builds, attracts and supports Social Enterprises;”

“a way for local farmers to connect and collaborate with Agri-Tech businesses.”

In each response is a leader with a vision. Leadership is about creating change that you believe in. Leaders have the opportunity to create movements.

In his book, Tribes, Seth Godin says that “a movement happens when people talk to one another, when ideas spread within a community, and most of all, when peer support leads people to do what they always knew was the right thing.”

While I believe that no-one needs permission to lead, QuinteVation seems to be giving people and groups the support and mandate they need to do it.

If you haven’t found your tribe -- build it; I guarantee there are others waiting for you to do it.

QuinteVation is about engaging with fearlessly optimistic people

I’ve heard the comment, “I’m waiting to see if this group does anything or if they are simply all talk.” I believe that QuinteVation exists because there are people who are tired of waiting. They are stepping up and leading.
QuinteVation is about fearlessly optimistic people, networking, sharing, and growing our entrepreneurial culture. You have to be somewhat fearless to put yourself out there and open yourself to criticism but the alternative is apathy, and you can’t grow a region with apathy.
Aristotle said there is only one way to completely avoid criticism – “say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Please don’t wait; tell us what is important to you.

QuiteVation Equation:  Dead Last > Did not Finish > Did not Start!

Risk is inherent in entrepreneurship and innovation. It takes courage to start and run a business.

We all know the stats – 51 per cent of new businesses in Canada survived the first 5 years in 2015; and yet 70.5 per cent of the total private labour force in Canada came from Small Business.

It’s risky by it is critically important for the welfare of our communities. Some of our strongest community leaders have started and lost their businesses – they were brave enough to try something and they made a difference while they did.

We need to re-absorb the talent and leadership of these entrepreneurs back into our communities.

QuinteVation is inclusive

Another question that is being asked is “What are your boundaries?” While the Bay of Quinte is essentially a marketing region, there is no line or border (political, financial, or other) that prevents QuinteVation from working with anyone outside of this region.

In fact, many of the people who are participating and collaborating with QuinteVation are from outside of the Bay of Quinte.

QuinteVation has a Long Term Vision

If QuinteVation is as much an attitude as it is an organization, it will exist as long as there is a desire to grow our Entrepreneurial Spirit and there are people who are willing to lead.

If, at some point, the desire and the leaders are gone, the organization will not exist. It’s as simple as that.

Having said that, our vision is long-term; building a culture of entrepreneurship takes consistent effort and wide participation over time.

As Brad Feld says in his book Startup Communities, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” There will be successes and there will be failures but in order to grow this culture there needs to be a generational view and commitment.

We are in the early days of our marathon and are continuing to learn from existing groups and individuals while we identify needs, values and opportunities. We understand that communication is essential. If you contact us, we will respond. Our website is in development.

Currently, you can reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @QuinteVation and via email If you would like to be on our mailing list, please send us your email address; we will be also sending out periodic newsletter updates.

Mary Doyle is a Community Builder with QuinteVation, and a Community Development and Business Consultant with KAPinnovation.

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