FAVOURITE THINGS: Help on living healthier in 2016


FAVOURITE THINGS: Help on living healthier in 2016

 Lose weight, eat right, start working out.

Yup we have all made those New Year's Resolutions. But do you have a plan to carry them out?

We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan...and all those other sayings we hear when making life changing decisions.

My friends at Hatchette Book Group sent me some new books for 2016 and there are some great choices if you have decided to make getting healthier your New Year's goal.


 "Always Hungry? Conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells & lose weight permanently" by David Ludwig, MD, PhD.

Dr. Ludwig's theory is overeating doesn't make you fat; the process of getting fat makes you overeat. His book is a three-phase program that ignores calories and targets fat cells directly. Recipes and meal plans included.

If every diet has failed you, this might be worth a try.




If you need instant success, you might pick up "Thinner in 30. Small changes that add up to big weight loss in just 30 days" by Jenna Wolfe and Myatt Murphy.

So many diets and exercise routines come and go because they are fads.

This book is a simple approach to health and fitness.

Change #6: Redo how you chew.

Change #22: Eat something every 2 to 3 hours

Change# 28: Drop one stressful thing in your life.


When the book claims it the "world's healthiest diet" I was a little scared. Usually healthy food means tasteless food but this is a New York Times Bestseller. "Plant-Strong" by Rip Esselstyn.

Features beautiful pictures of mouth-watering dishes.

Even if you are not ready to forsake all meat and dairy, you may want to incorporate some of these recipes into your new healthy lifestyle.

Be warned, yes there is tofu!



Chris and Heidi Powell, hosts and transformation specialists from the TV show, "Extreme Weight Loss", now share their step-by-step guide for losing weight and keeping it off in their book, "Extreme Transformation - Lifelong weight loss in 21 days".

Again give me a timeline with a chance at results and you got me interested!

The book is broken into five parts: The Method, 21 Days To Extreme Transformation, Your New Life, The Metabolic Movements, Extreme Cycle Recipes.

Recipes, workouts and staying on track. It’s a lot of what we have heard before but it's all in one book and may be a new look at what we know....

Move more, eat less.



Hope this gives you a little inspiration or a kick in the butt you need to reach your health goals in 2016.

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