Coach Perry Marshall, left, Kayla MacMillan and Morgan Calwell pose with their Ontario U21 mixed doubles provincial championship banner at the Quinte Curling Club.

Duo honoured for U21 mixed doubles championship

The two newest provincial champions from Quinte Curling Club now know how their names will look hanging from a place of honour on the club’s walls.

Kayla MacMillan and Morgan Calwell, along with coach Perry Marshall, received their U21 mixed doubles Ontario curling championship banner last week at a small ceremony at the curling club.

MacMillan and Calwell won the championship in March, earning a berth in an Olympic trials qualifier event in Brantford. Against some of the best senior teams in the country, the duo struggled a bit and didn’t advance to the playoffs out of their pool.

Calwell said the duo expected to do well in the provincials.

“We put a lot of practice and hard work into getting ready for provincials so didn’t have anything but winning in our sights,” he said.

The duo have curled for several years together in mixed curling, but mixed doubles is a relatively new event that the pair have just started tackling.

That said, as juniors their chances to win a provincial title are limited by age and other factors.

“This was my last chance to get a banner here with Morgan so we were definitely going to put a lot of practice in to give it our best shot to win,” MacMillan said.

The Brantford competition – mixed doubles will be an Olympic event for the first time in 2018 – was a major step up with many of the best teams in the country competing to earn one of 24 berths to the Olympic qualifying event next January.

“We didn’t do as well as we wanted to but it was a great learning chance for us to see how some of the top players perform,” Calwell said. “We didn’t get the outcome we wanted but we learned.”

The duo will be putting their mixed doubles tandem on the back burner for a while moving forward; MacMillan plans to go to school in British Columbia in the fall while Calwell is staying in Ontario.

“We’ve always said we are going to put our regular teams first and mixed doubles will follow,” MacMillan said.

“We’ll probably see when she is done school if we want to try again,” Calwell added.

The banner presentation came on the curling club’s championship night when the four non-mixed competitive team titles were battled for.

In the daytime ladies, Carol Wilson, Kathryn Brown, Bev Deacon and Joan Tuer topped Janice Clarke, Nancy Irvin, Susan Clark and Penny Smith, while in the daytime men’s, Bob McPherson, Dennis Gould, Pat Healey and Bob Fellows beat Dave Livingston, Doug Irvine, Howie Meeks and Jim Stone.

In the night time ladies, former champion Caroline Deans returned to the top with a new team featuring Julie Rickard, Patsy Mitchell, and Erin Traer. They beat the newly put together team of Sheri Lynn Collyer, Pauline Bakonyi, Kim Lander and Karen Fisk.

And in the night time men’s league, Dennis Murray, Kyle Martin, Thor Parker and Trevor Nemish defended their title against Dave Collyer, Bryce Rowe, Ryan Ward and Mike Collyer.

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