COLE’S NOTES: Watching history twice in one night

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and LA Lakers forward Kobe Bryant. © Reuters


COLE’S NOTES: Watching history twice in one night

Whomever put together this year’s NBA Regular Season schedule needs to be given a high five and a slap in the face all in one motion.

Sports fans Wednesday night were asked to choose between watching the final game of Kobe Bryant's 20 year career and the final game of the Golden State Warriors season which if they won they would overtake the 1995-96 Chicago single season win record with a 73-9 record.

Sorry Black Mamba but if it's a game that has the potential to oust Michael Jordan from one of his many records I'm going to have to PVR your finale.

I have soften my stance on the distain I feel toward the "GOAT" treatment that Jordan gets quite simply because my commitment to the argument makes me look like an idiot.

Not because I'm wrong, even though many would argue that, but because others aren't wrong in believing that he is the greatest of all time.

I just don't believe that Michael Jordan can be given the hands down, clear cut honour of the title. Tell me what category MJ leads in that has him over and above the likes of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Lebron James, etc? Not total points! Not most championships! Not most MVP awards!

But that's not what this whole blog is about. It's about a record that includes the efforts of each player, coach, team executive and trainer. MOST WINS IN A SINGLE SEASON.

And what a season it has been. Over 1,000 team 3 pointers, 400 of which scored by Steph Curry. Steph Curry will become only the fourth player to win the MVP award two years in a row, having never lost consecutive games all year, and the list goes on and on.

What I love most about this Warriors squad is that they all love each other, they love to see each other succeed and they have so much dang fun.

As long as they add to the W column they really don't care how they do it. Whether it's Curry hitting 30 foot jumpers, Thompson knocking down 12 3 pointers in one game, Draymond Green getting another triple double, or Bogut blocking what appears to be an easy lay-up.

If you look back on past Cole's Notes you will find many times where I said that the Warriors would beat the Bulls record and I am so happy that that didn't turn out to make me look like a fool like I have with our predictions, (cough Michigan State in NCAA basketball, cough.)

Because of my love for Lebron James and the fact that the Spurs have had a season for the ages I still believe that there is a chance that the Warriors won't repeat but with how they are able to shoot I think I am going to be as disappointed as I was when I learned of my own NBA playing future being squashed at the fragile age of 14.

Normally when writing these entries I am analyzing what I saw from a night of sports or I am prognosticating what is too come but this note comes while watching this 73rd win unfold.

I love the point that was just brought up by Van Gundy. "We have this fascination with round numbers. Why was 400 so much better then 399 when that was also a record".

I say that same thing while at the gas pumps. We always awkwardly click the pump to get to $20 or $50 or $35, when the measurement we should be considering is litre of gas. The amount of money that it costs to fill up a tank is ever changing but the size of the tank is not. Is paying $37.68 to get exactly half a tank of gas all that crazy?

While I wait for history to be made I have to look at the night that was thus far in the NHL playoffs and say that I feel really bad for the New York Rangers and losing Lundqvist. He was their only hope to advance to the second round. Hopefully he is back for Game 2.

The Tampa Bay Lightning had a lot more fight then I thought they would but I still like my Detroit pick. I think the Red Wings exhausted themselves just trying to get into the playoffs that I will give them a pass on a Game 1 loss. I didn't think they would sweep the higher ranked Lightning so I guess this is all going according to my plan.

The entertainment value of this game has extended into the commercial breaks. As soon as Nike posts a high quality version of their 2016 Kobe commercial, where he is being seranaded by all of his haters (including Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace and more) after hitting a game winning shot, I will share it with you. Best part... he is acting as the conductor of the song. Marketing Genius. 1 point Nike.

Well it's official! The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors have finished with a 73-9 regular season record to pass the Chicago Bulls from 20 years ago. Fittingly they did so by winning by making a large number of threes, led by Steph Curry, and by scoring more than 120 points which usually takes teams an overtime period to reach yet they did it almost 30 times this year. What a game. What a year.

Just enough time to switch over to the Lakers game and catch Kobe's 58th point. Wow I can't wait to watch this game! Yes I can, it's bed time.... almost. I have watch the final couple seconds of this.

WHAT?!?!?! Not only does he finish off his career with a 60 point performance but it turns out to be the highest scoring game by one player this year. Wouldn't have it any other way! Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!
That's all folks!

P.S. Now all I want to do is play ball

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