So the time has finally come, the dust has settled, the tears have dried and the news is ACTUALLY official... Tony Romo has retired.

As a Dallas Cowboy fan this really couldn't have worked out much better. Not only is he not going to be playing for any other team but we aren't going to be dragged through the mud any longer wondering what's next with Romo Watch?

The organization has way more important things to worry about before the 2017 season starts then what's going to happen with Tony Romo.

What's even better for me, as a Tony Romo fan and a football fan, is that he already has another job. He will be joining the TV game crew on CBS and work alongside my favourite broadcaster, Jim Nantz, which will work a lot of Primetime games.

This "Cole's Notes" is going to be a goodbye to my favourite football player of all time but before I get back to crying on my keyboard and reminiscing I want to break down the handling of this whole "situation" from the time Tony Romo was healthy enough to play last year.

It was during the back half of the regular season that Tony Romo returned to be the back-up quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Most would say that the past decade of football that he gave us should have been enough to have him automatically starting once he got healthy.

The only exception to that mindset is if the Cowboys are playing at the top of their game, in his absence, and are on their way to win the division.

It just so happened that that was the case and Romo's replacement, Dak Prescott, wasn't just managing the team, but leading it. And one of the few more important things, in football, then skill is momentum and chemistry and the Boys had that with Dak.

So there Tony Romo sat, on the bench, being supportive and staying pretty quiet.

The only noise he made came in the form of this historical press conference (see below)

Ok maybe "historical" is a little much but to handle yourself in such a manner and use ALL of the right words and emotions while still being supportive of your team only furthers my opinion of Romo as a great player and an even better human being.

Then the Cowboys made it into the playoffs and the question was... if Dallas is losing how long should they wait to put Tony in to save the day?

Well since none of what Dak did was the reason for the loss to the Packers it was nice to know that they stuck with him, because that shows him, and the fans, that they are committed to Prescott for the long haul. The defense wasn’t going to keep us in the game regardless of who our quarterback was.

Within the week of Dallas being eliminated from the playoffs the main headline, outside of the playoff teams, was what's next for Tony. Right off the hop he was linked to the Denver Broncos where up until the week before he retired I thought he would land.

But nothing happened at that point... well something happened... we saw the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history happen. But when it came to Tony Romo there was radio silence.

That was the case until the free agency period opened and teams were able to trade their roster players. At that point it was a matter of WHEN and WHERE would he go not IF.

Two days passed with no movement which led to a report from the Dallas camp that Tony Romo would be released the next day. At that point you have to think Denver and Houston were licking their chops.

Then Jerry Jones did the most Jerry Jones thing ever and didn't release Romo. Actually he got teams so excited at the possibility of having or even courting Romo that he then pulled back the release and made him available via a trade.

Needless to say nobody budged in hopes that Dallas would go back to their original idea of releasing him. Well Jones didn't budge either which gave Tony enough time to get TV offers which led to his retirement.

With that Denver will move on either with two young QBs that will compete to lead the team or sign someone else.

Then there is Houston who really doesn't have anyone. Yes they have to consider it a win that they were able to rid themselves of Brock Osweiler’s contract but at this point your team doesn't appear to be in a better position to score more points.

Which leads me to say, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING HOUSTON? Forget the fact that I am a Cowboys fan. As a football lover I wonder how smart the Texans GM is. Like really, even if the Cowboys were asking for a draft pick as high as a third rounder how do you not make that deal?

There doesn't appear to be a deep crop of quarterbacks in the draft and with Houston being quite high in the standings their picks, in each round, are all close to the end.

Furthermore they have to know that there isn't another available quarterback even close to having the same talent and skill as Tony Romo so why not take the risk? You can't keep relying on your top three defense to win you games when your offense can't score more than 14 themselves.

Is Romo injury prone? Yes, but so is the alternative on your line-up.


This is exactly why Houston scares nobody once the playoffs roll around.

They do well enough to come out of a crappy division but rely way to heavily on their draft picks and while it has made their defence  great... that's about all they have going for them.

Now back to the task at hand... praising Tony Romo.

I think now that it's all been said and done Romo can be put in the same category as Dan Marino as the greatest quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl.

Romo holds most of the statistical records in Dallas Cowboy history for quarterbacks and there have been some Hall of Fame players on those lists.

Speaking of Hall of Fame players I have a hard time not seeing Romo in one of those ugly yellow jackets in the near future.

I know all of these statements have people laughing at me because "Romo can't win in the playoffs", "Romo isn't clutch", "Romo throws too many late game interceptions" or other nonsensical, uneducated smack talk.

But let's not forget, football is a team sport and one that constantly tries to convince us that "defence wins championships." Dallas has been trying things differently for the past 20 years and have instead went with an offense first mindset and paid little to no attention to putting together a complete defensive squad.

Maybe 2017 will be different.... no it won't.

Yes Romo has been part of some of the biggest playoff blunder highlights but I will defend an awful lot of them. Actually I'd be happy to do so if anyone wants to comment on their favourite Romo gaff.

There are many things I will remember him for including his ability to fill in for Drew Bledsoe and immediately become every Cowboys fans favourite player and light up the score sheet week after week in his first year.

I will remember his fun celebrations that he would share with his teammates when he would throw a touchdown.

But the memory I think will stick with me forever was back in 2011 in a game against the rival San Fransisco 49ers that saw Dallas win 27-24 in overtime.

No. it's not because it was an overtime win that it will be a lasting memory. It is because Tony Romo left the game with a broken rib and a PUNCTURED LUNG only to comeback and help the Cowboys comeback after being down 24-14.

He was hit on the third play of the game and played through the pain for the entire first half. He sat the third quarter out while the pain killers took effect and came back to lead Dallas to the win.

Watching the game you could tell how much pain Romo was in. But what you could see even more was his desire the win that game.

One of my favourite memories will actually go down his last memory as an active player. The only regular season drive that Tony Romo got to play, this year, came in Week 17 against division rival Philadelphia Eagles that ended with a touchdown passes to Terrence Williams.

The last thing I will say in this post about Tony Romo the player is that I truly believe him to be just as good, if not better, then Dak Prescott right now but with youth, speed, health and a winning record on Dak's side I totally agree with our commitment to him.

I will miss Romo in a Dallas jersey but I am so excited to watch him for decades to come as a game analyst for CBS.

Farewell Tony! You played the game right and you should forever be remembered for not having a single ounce of controversy hinder your career and being a tough as nails SOB.

P.S. I watched that Blue Jays game Thursday and am super pleased that Morales was able to provide Toronto fans with some hope that they made the right move when moving on from Edwin

Tony Romo on Dak Prescott & 2016 Cowboys (Full Press Conference) | NFL

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