COLE’S NOTES: One championship slump will be over soon


COLE’S NOTES: One championship slump will be over soon

Last time we talked, folks, I had mentioned that it was an awesome time of year to be a sports fan. Well, just a couple of weeks later, it gets even better.

The NBA season debuted this week, we are in the middle of the NFL season, two weeks into the NHL season, getting to the end of the CFL season, we're right smack in the middle of college football and, oh yeah, the WORLD SERIES IS HERE!

Now I know baseball is a touchy subject with us Blue Jay fans but I hope by this time you have come to realize Toronto had no business being in the championships with how they played against Cleveland.

For starters, all that complaining about the strike zone being too big is immediately void after having watched over 50 pitches cross the middle of the plate with nothing but Blue Jays batters watching it go by. Not even a swing of the bat.

Don't talk smack about some pitches and not swing the perfectly hittable ones... I'm looking at you Jose Bautista.

Secondly, throwing up goose eggs in multiple games in the series is not how World Series contenders play. I know it's easy to say "hey, just get some hits", but its embarrassing that the Jays can't get past their own ego and maybe lay down a bunt here and there to try and change your lackluster offensive ways.

But NO... gotta go for the home run, every time.

But enough about the Toronto Bridemaids, their time will come.

I love the idea that one championship slump will end with the 2016 MLB season. The most exciting part is watching whether it will be the 108 winless years of the Cubs of Chicago? Or will it be the 67 years of the Cleveland team? Yes, I am one of those people who refuse to reference them as the "Indians".

Either way, anyone reading this will be lucky enough to be able to say that this will be the third historic MLB slump come to an end (Boston of 86 years and Chicago White Sox of 88 years) in the past 12 years.

You've got Cleveland who has the best bullpen in baseball against the best starting rotation in the league. Advantage goes to Chicago with that explosive offense that shouldn't give Cleveland's bullpen enough chances to win four games.

With that, my pick is Chicago in 5. The Cubs will carry the momentum, from the entire season lol, into this final series. Cleveland will win their final home game of the year before heading back to Chicago where the Wrigley faithful will watch their Cubs win three straight to capture the title.

Cleveland showed that defence, or in their case PITCHING, can win you a series. But when you are only able to put up 12 runs in your last five games you have a problem. The Cubs scored 13 in their final two wins against the Dodgers.

I love the story line that 2016 could be the year for OHIO with the Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship and their baseball team winning it all. But what I like better is the sound of a century long slump disappearing...  probably almost as much as Steve Bartman.

This year's baseball season came with it's headlines... from A-Rod finally retiring, to the loss of Jose Fernandez and a little closer to home our Blue Jays making it to the ALCS for a second year in a row.

The biggest headline of them all will come to fruition in about a week’s time.

Enjoy the final series baseball fans!

P.S. Watching Brock Osweiler trying to play football is about as difficult as watching someone try to lick their own elbow. 

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