COLE’S NOTES: Jays to blame for loss of Edwin


COLE’S NOTES: Jays to blame for loss of Edwin

Thursday Night Football is on and the game is between division rivals and I don't plan on talking about it until two headlines, tons of information, and probably a movie reference from now.

The biggest news for Canadian sports fans is that Edwin Encarnacion will have to check out Cleveland real estate agents on Yelp for the best advice. Edwin signed a three year $65 million contract with an option. The math works out to $21 million a year and some pocket change.... and by pocket change I mean a life altering amount of money to 95% of the world’s population.

This is disturbing news because it was reported that the Blue Jays offered him 4 years at $80 at the start of the free agency period. Clearly Edwin thought more suitors would come with way more money, especially since he has hit the second most home runs since 2012 and has become a player who won't hinder your defense by covering first base.

The suitors were there but how many of them played in last year’s World Series? I don't blame EE for making this move, even if it was for less money because this further confirms what we all know about the guy... he cares about his team and he cares about winning.

The Blue Jays had plenty of time to work with Edwin's agent to get a deal done. I know that talks were halted during the season, by Edwin's request, but you can't tell me that at some point in the season that the Blue Jays GM and Encarnacion weren't in the same room and couldn't have had a quick conversation of some sort?

I know it’s a more complex process then that but this is Toronto's fault.

If you have to give him $100 million over 4 years, even with the knowledge that that fourth year could be a complete write off it is worth it to your fans, to your championship hopes and your credibility for being a forward thinking front office.

The Jays have been smart not to bring Batista back, yet. But Encarnacion has been a top player in the league for multiple years now and might even have had better stats if it weren't for Donaldson hitting so many home runs and driving in so many runs.

Instead EE now plays for your biggest competition, arguably, since it is most likely that if the Jays want to make it deep in the playoffs they will probably end up meeting Cleveland at some point.

Farewell Parrot Tamer. We would like to wish you well but hope that you don't succeed. Instead we thank you for your service.

The second biggest headline of the night reads "Jagr Surpasses Messier on the NHL scoring list". Earlier this week Jaromir put up 3 points in one night to tie Mark Messier and then the next game had a shot deflect off his torso, right onto a teammates stick who then put it in the back of the night. Because Jagr is that good!

I've talked about how impressive his career has been in previous Cole's Notes so I won't drag this on too long but what can't be said enough is that he makes everyone around him better and there are few players who focus so hard to stay in shape, physically.

Congratulations Jagr! Enjoy second place... you will be there for a long time!

Last but certainly not least is Thursday Night Football where the Phildelphia Eagles and the referees are taking on the New York Giants. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the New York Giants fail but I appreciate a fairly called game more.... barely.

As expected it was a hard fought game between division foes. It's been a game where Eli has shown what I believe to be his true colours and that is an inconsistent quarterback who never gives the Big Apple a complete game.

The difference between Eli Manning and Tony Romo healthy and the luxury of consistenly having a very good defense. Romo wouldn't need amazing catches by David Tyree and Mario Manningham to win Championships because he probably would have had the games in the bag. Eli throws just as many INTs as Romo!

Nevertheless... THE DALLAS COWBOYS ARE DIVISION CHAMPS and own the number 1 seed in the NFC with home field advantage throughout the playoffs! So as much as it pains me to be wrong in thinking that the Giants were going to win I am happy that that was the case.

Those are the headlines folks!

Ps. Yes, I watched the Habs lose. And yes I am blaming everyone but Carey Price.

PPS. I guess I didn't get to a movie reference like I thought I would.

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