COLE’S NOTES: It’s a good time to be Cole


COLE’S NOTES: It’s a good time to be Cole

These are a few of my favourite things

Guess who's back folks! I won't bother you with the excuse for why I haven't been talkative lately because I live with the mentality of coming up with solutions and not excuses. So today's solution is to get back on the keyboard.

What a time to do so. My Cavaliers, Canadiens and Cowboys are all in the top end of their respective leagues and I couldn't be happier. It’s not a feeling I experience often.

It hasn't been since 1993 when I could say that things were going this well. And the last time that was the case the Blue Jays, Canadiens and Cowboys all won the title.

But I'm not going to get ahead of myself.

The Cowboys still have to win one of their last two tough games to claim the top spot in the NFC, the Canadiens still have over half the season left and have tons of injuries to deal with and the Cavaliers still have to deal with the Warriors who haven't lost a step from last year’s 73 win season.

Although I am a proud Canadian who believes I consist of a lot of great Canadian characteristics I do have to admit that if I had to pick one team/league to hope to be most successful it would have to be America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

I enjoy watching football the most and love that there are some many players and coaches that are so accountable for the success of their team.

That is very much the case for my Dallas Cowboys. The offense is being led by two rookies, in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, on offense, a defense that is definitely outplaying their skill set and the chemistry amongst all of the players and the coaches has never been better.

All of this while dealing with the controversy of Tony Romo being a healthy quarterback and not playing a down yet this regular season.

Seeing him on the bench is tough for me because I have always been one of his biggest fans and supporters and he finally has a complete offense to play with and he gets hurt in the pre-season.

A little ounce of my soul dies every time I hear rumours and read reports that he will not be a Dallas Cowboy in the near future. That's not to say that I want him playing QB for us right now because Dak has definitely earned the right to play but it still doesn't feel right lol.

This week’s Monday Night game against the Detroit Lions will prove to a lot of people what Dallas is made of. Matthew Stafford has been the most under appreciated player in the league and if Dallas can contain him and escape Week 16 with a win it would instill a lot of faith to fans of Big D.

I might be the most pessimistic fan when it comes to my expectations of the team but I know I'm not alone in being nervous about playing good teams, at home, this late in the season. If we can win this game that means that we have earned that number 1 spot.

Only time will tell.

All year long last year I wasn't sweating the lack of success for my Montreal Canadiens. Anyone who thinks that the rest of your team should rise up and make up for losing your goalie has never built a game plan around the best goalie in the world.

Not only is Carey Price amazing at keeping pucks out of the net he is also a better puck handler then probably 30 per cent of the players in the league. When you can rely on your goalie to track down a puck when it is dumped in you play a completely different style of game.

Furthermore when Price is your goalie you can be way more aggressive and play with less hesitation knowing that he's protect your net.

The perfect example has been this season so far. With the exception of a couple of games the Habs have played within their system very well and have been lucky enough that it has been a balanced attack from the whole line-up.

I say lucky because in the past we have relied on our top six forwards way too much but even without our best scorer in Alex Galchenyuk, out due to injury, we have been able to score lots and keep up the pace of winning games.

Because our GM, Marc Bergevin, is one of the most active managers in the league it’s hard to know what the rest of the season has in store but it's nice to know that we are competitive in almost every game with the line-up we have. Thanks Mr. Price... pretty please stay healthy... with a cherry on top.

I guess I haven't been on much since the NHL season started so I will take this opportunity to subtly brag about my analysis of the Weber/Subban trade.

Don't get me wrong I love PK as a player, as a person and as a personality but the Canadiens system is built on the idea of stability, consistency and intelligence. It just so happens that those are Shea Weber's three biggest assets. Ok, three of the top four along with the hardest shot in the league. That's always nice to have on the resume.

PK was always fun to watch. And by fun I mean sometimes really scary when it came to his decision making and his signature move, the Subby-Doo. But his style of play within Michel Therrien's system was like eating pickles and drinking milk at the same time. It just doesn't work well for anyone.

Now onto my Cleveland Lebron James', I mean Cavaliers. All signs point to the Warriors roster remaining intact for many years to come and Russell Westbrook doesn't seem to be leaving Oklahoma City anytime soon so as long as Lebron is playing in his hometown I see them dominating the East.

I know that's not what you want to hear Raptors fans but the reality is that Toronto is not good enough to be able to shut down LBJ, Kyrie Irving AND Kevin Love in a seven game series.

Raptors fans should be happy knowing that the team will host at least two playoff series every year for the forseeable future and they will always be competitive as long as the bromance of Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan lives on. But it's going to take the addition of another superstar to compete with Cleveland's BIG 3.

Cleveland took a hit when losing JR Smith with a long term injury but what everyone will soon learn is that Iman Shumpert is a bigger part of this team then we all know. Shump can defend both guards and small forwards, he's shooting better then ever, and his maturity level and leadership is fair superior to the injured Smith.

Lebron James recently passed Moses Malone for the eighth spot on the all time NBA scoring list. Speaking with my co-worker, Chris Wiggins (who you can hear weekday mornings on Cool 100.1) we came to the conclusion that James would have to average 20 points a game, while playing about 70 games a season for the next six years to make it to third on the list behind only Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

That seems attainable but what I have to wonder is if Lebron feels like he wants to risk his health just to track down this scoring record.

What we also discussed was the ultimate motivation for James. And that is Championship Rings. If Lebron feels like he can catch MJ's six-ring total then he will continue to play. But I really doubt that if he turns 36, with 18 seasons under his belt, and doesn't have a fourth ring that we will continue on much longer. There's Cole been the realist again.

He's in great shape, is still a top five player in the league, is driven to be the greatest of all time and has many superstars wanting to come to Cleveland to help him help them win championships. (Yes, I just used a Jerry McGuire reference... HELP ME, HELP YOU!)

But above that he is a business man, he is involved in a lot of side projects and charitable initiatives and he is a father.

As I said before, only time will tell. For now, it seems like he has already locked up a spot in the conference finals for his squad (see how easy it is not say "posse" Phil Jackson?) and they should be meeting Golden State for another shot at a championship.

So those are all of the good things happening for me this holiday season. I hope you are like me and enjoying some success for your sports team, well only if you are a Habs, Cowboys and/or Cavaliers fan. If you cheer for anyone else I retract my sports well wishes. I especially hope that you enjoy your holiday season and get to spend it with the ones you love most.

Happy Holidays!

PS. This Flyers and Capitals game might be one of the best hockey games I have watched this year. Wow!

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