COLE’S NOTES: Headlines


COLE’S NOTES: Headlines

With a full work week with no football action I always wonder what the sports world will have in store. This week I was not disappointed with what was on the menu.

It was a historical week on many fronts including Alexander Ovechkin hitting a milestone, another NFL team has announced they will be moving to Los Angeles and the youngest head coach in NFL history was hired.

Alex Ovechkin recorded his 1,000 and 1,001 points in a game against his biggest rival, Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, becoming the first player to play his entire career in the 21st Century to reach the mark.

The conversation about who is the better player between Ovy and Sid the Kid was more prominent with Alex reaching the grand figure. And for me... it's not even close.

Ask any coach and general manager outside of Washington and they will say "Gimme Sid"... and I agree.

Crosby plays a 200 foot game, has more weapons (skills) in his arsenal, and clearly has the leadership that guides teams deep into the playoffs. Sidney averages more points per game and is only behind Ovechkin, in points, because of his injuries, ones that were obtained while playing a complete game. When you play hard in your own zone, the neutral zone and the offensive end you are more likely to get involved with pucks and players coming at you.

Nonetheless, I don't want to rain on his parade because when I am old and he has been retired for many decades we will still be watching his highlights and still calling them some of the best in the history of the game. Ovechkin has one of the hardest shots in the game, a speed that is hard to match and quick release that he has put to good use for a good portion of his 1000+ points.

Congrats Mr. Ovy!

Yesterday we found out that the San Diego Chargers would be packing their bags and moving to Los Angeles to share a stadium with the Rams, formerly of St. Louis.

So yes, you are remembering correctly.... the Rams moved to LA last year and now the city will be the home for the Chargers.

This move did not come to anyone as a surprise. Still Chargers fans are livid of the news. It's hard to really blame anyone in particular because it was a collective effort by all parties involved to be one of the worst franchises in the league.

Ever since Ladainian Tomlinson left the Chargers they have been a roller coaster on the standings board. Winning a couple of playoff games here and there but when they weren't playing into January they were mediocre at best. My theory is if you can't win more games then you lose, why not lose them all to get a better draft pick. A 6 or 7 win season does no team any good.

But here we are... a below average team, with a below average new logo (that everyone thinks they ripped off from the LA baseball Dodgers), moving to a city which may already have their favourite team chosen which could lead to a minimal fan base. So, the same scenario that they left in San Diego.

Now I know there are hundreds of factors that were considered but I can't help but think of so many other cities that could have been a better option then La La Land. It still baffles me that there aren't more teams calling the Southern states home. With all the hype surrounding high school and college football programs I still can't believe the likes of Alabama and Oklahoma don't have NFL teams.

After having a conversation with my co-worker, Paul Ferguson, I was easily convinced that Portland would have been a great choice. Why not? They already have an NBA team so we know the city will support major sports. It already enjoys a high level of football with the Oregon Ducks always contenders in the NCAA. And geographically it makes sense since it would make for 2 teams in the North West which could lead to a new rivalry against the Seahawks and you might be able to make travel schedules a little easier for some teams.

But instead you went with LA. You heard it here first. This will not be an immediate success.

The Chargers are also in the news because they hired their new head coach, Anthony Lynn, formerly of the Buffalo Bills. The Denver Broncos also found a new coach with Vance Joseph moving from the Defensive Coordinator position in Miami to leading a team that thrives on defense.

The most historical hire of the week goes to the other LA team with the Rams making Sean McVay their new leader of the sidelines. Why is it so historical? Because McVay has only been roaming this planet for 3 decades. Yes! McVay is 30 years old!

Although the team had an off year McVay has to be pleased. He's got a top 5 running back in the league, last year's first overall draft pick and a defense that has been known to do its job more often than not. This seems to be the perfect fit because McVay is a former OC and should take a completely different approach then how Jeff Fisher chose to coach, which didn't work out so well.

At the very least McVay can bank on things not being able to get much worse. The Rams should draft a wide receiver high and see how quickly they might be able to turn things around.

I wish him all the best until he has to play my Cowboys... then I hope he forgets to set his alarm clock and misses the game.

Hopefully more history is made this week with my Cowboys beating Green Bay and righting a wrong from the NFC playoffs from 2 years ago.

Enjoy the weekend folks.

PS. Watching the Habs lose 7-0 tonight was a tough pill to swallow but it was the Canadiens in a nutshell. They put up 7 goals and beat the Jets last night with Montoya in net but then flip the calendar 1 day and decide to leave Price hanging out to dry. I hope all of his d-men pay for all Price's meals and the first year of Carey's child’s first year of post-secondary education for tonight’s performance. I just hope that they got all this awful play out of their system for a while.

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