COLE’S NOTES: Happens in threes



COLE’S NOTES: Happens in threes

I have no idea where the idea, or saying, of "Good/Bad things happen in 3s" and I'll be honest that I live more in a Leroy Gethro Gibbs world where "There are no such thing as coincidences". This past weekend, though, the statement rang true.

No, I am not talking about the football Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Eagles and Vikings all starting the season going 3-0. No, I am not talking about the New England Patriots woes with injuries to their quarterbacks. And no I'm not talking about the Jays starting their series with the Yankees winning the first 3 games.

I'm talking about the loss of the three athletes at very different points in their careers.

Let's not take that statement out of context. At this time no one cares about the statistics collected by legendary golfer Arnold Palmer, Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez and CFL rookie Mylan Hicks. Only the memories and sadness after losing them.

Mylan Hicks was a rookie on the Calgary Stampeders practice squad, out of Michigan State University. He was also one of more than 20 Stampeders out at a Calgary bar on Saturday night and into Sunday morning where the night ended with Hicks getting shot.

Although I truly believe more bad things then good happen at 2:30 a.m. this tragedy is the fault of a senseless teenager who somehow got his hands on a weapon and not the time of day.

Hicks had yet to play in a game this year.

Jose Fernandez was quickly rising as one of the Major League’s best young pitchers.

He was the Miami Marlins ace and a community member that has many people mourning his passing. Whatever, or whomever, you believe in we all live in a world where accidents happen, even in situations where people are leisurely enjoying themselves participating in activities in which they have enjoyed many a times before.

This was the case for Jose Fernandez, and his two friends, who were killed in a boating accident that saw the vehicle crash into rocks at full speed.

Fernandez has played four seasons, all of which had him sporting a winning record, most notably his 16-8 record in the 2016 season. I think I actually heard a stat that has Fernandez holding the title of the second best pitcher on home grass and dirt, second only to Sandy Koufax.

On top of his stats, Fernandez seemed to a first class human who will be missed dearly.

If you don't think that teammates are just as close as family members, in some cases, please watch this moment that starts Monday's Marlins game...

The legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer also passed away on Sunday at the age of 87 from complications with heart problems. "The King" was the first true golf superstar, especially since the world was able to witness it through the eye of the camera and straight through their television.

People credit Tiger Woods with revolutionizing the game of golf but Palmer seemed to be the reason it became so popular before Tiger even picked up a club.

The 60+ PGA tour wins and the seven major wins were impressive but just as significant was his longevity in the limelight as a golfer, a philanthropist, a mentor, and marketable figure.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods may have all of the records but Palmer's popularity and likability is hard to match. He earned the nickname "The King" and will be missed.

Sunday was a tough day in sports with three great humans leaving us and leaving quite the legacy.

Let's hope that this bad run does end with three.

P.S. The only thing funnier than that Trump/Clinton debate was watching the Saints defense. Watching the Falcon's defeat their division rivals from New Orleans has me very excited to be making the cross border trek to the ATL to see them take on the NFC Champion, Carolina Panthers, with my BFF!

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