COLE’S NOTES: Despite the heartbreak, the best teams won


COLE’S NOTES: Despite the heartbreak, the best teams won

Now that I have had time to digest what I already knew was going to happen I thought I would report back.

Last week we posted all of our divisional round picks on the 95.5 Hits FM and Cool 100.1 Facebook pages and for the second weekend in a row I was able to go 4-0.

The Houston and New England game was a gimme… Thanks for at least making it interesting Texans. This game proves that having a first round bye isn't always a good thing. The Pats looked rusty and Tom Brady threw as many interceptions this game as he did all year, and that was two lol.

I waivered back and forth on the Saturday night game between the Seahawks and Falcons.

Ultimately I went with Atlanta because ever since Seattle lost Earl Thomas from their secondary that defense hasn't been the same. Couple that with what we now know that Richard Sherman wasn't healthy either I felt that Matt Ryan would be able to pick Seattle apart.

That loss also proves that Seattle needs to seriously upgrade their wide receiver core because they are definitely not talented enough to win games when their defense doesn't play its best.

They've got the offseason to figure that out.

I anticipated the Steelers/Chiefs game being way more entertaining. I know, "What are you talking about it came down to the final minutes?". Well only the final minutes were exciting.

Kansas City confirmed what we already knew: their defense is top three in the league and can slow down anyone if they put their best effort forward, and their offense is a bottom three in the league.

Alex Smith isn't to blame. Their wide-outs are mediocre as a whole. Yes, I know Tyreek Hill is a cheetah and Jeremy Maclin has a heart of a lion but they are #2 receivers at best.

Pittsburgh won the game without scoring a touchdown and their kicker setting a post season record with 6six field goals. Oh and Le'Veon Bell continues to break rushing records.

Pittsburgh has actually won more games in a row then Green Bay but the Pack are the ones getting all the attention. The reasons for the Steelers hot streak is that all three sides of the ball seem to be playing their best ball yet. And their biggest test will be against the Patriots next weekend.

Now onto the most painful game on the weekend.

It's easy for me to tell you that I knew that Green Bay would win, and how they would do so, after the fact but ask anyone I have been high on the Packers since the start of the playoffs. In an earlier blog I said that Green Bay would win the Super Bowl and that included winning in Dallas.

Dak Prescott answered a lot of my questions by proving that he can score in a hurry, with long and sustained drives, by throwing the ball and by running himself. I thought Romo might be the smarter start but Prescott did not play like a rookie.

Unfortunately I knew that Aaron Rodgers would be able to pick that defense apart. The Dallas defense has been playing above their means all season and Rodgers was finally able to prove what I have been saying all year long.

If they were able to get sacks I would be fine with the lack of turnovers but they didn't put enough pressure on Rodgers throughout the game which led to A-a-ron making some key plays and scoring lots of points.

I really didn't think that Dallas' would be able to make a game of it so that fact that it came down to a final second field goal makes me feel very good about the future of my football team.

It's been a while since I felt a football heartbreak but the pain was eased since the Dallas loss meant Cole's wallet won. Don't get me wrong, I had a moment of almost tears and then 20 minutes of starring into the TV without processing anything I was watching. The thought process was quite simple to explain... I was thoughtless. Although I knew they wouldn't win, it's hard to know that their season is over.

But here we are with what I believe to be the best four teams in the league remaining. So it's nice to know they all made it this far.

I still have to stick with my original pick of New England and Green Bay facing each other but I will leave the analysis for later on in the week.

Looking forward to another great weekend of football, still a week away.

P.S. The Cavalier and Warriors game, if you can call it that, was a total lunch bag let down. Cleveland clearly doesn't care about laying it all out on the line for a regular season game. I actually think it's genius to surrender such a loss. Don't give the better team the satisfaction of winning a close game. Just give up before the game even starts.

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