COLE’S NOTES: Bracket busted on Week 1


COLE’S NOTES: Bracket busted on Week 1

The first weekend of NCAA March Madness is in the books and not only did my bracket get busted on day one but it was then blown up on day 3 with my championship pick getting eliminated.

Yes, the number one seed Villanova was upset by the Wisconsin Badgers. That wasn't the only upset either! Duke and Louisville, who both held 2 seeds, were both taken out by 7 seeds.

From this year's tournament we have learned a lot but the two main lessons are:
1. It's called March Madness for a reason
2. The tournament itself is playing out much like the regular season did.... no clear favourites and normally dominant teams losing to lesser opponents.

Although my bracket was busted early there are still plenty of reasons I will continue to watch.

With Villanova out we know that there will be a new champion this year and there are so many teams I would love to see win it all.

The Michigan Wolverines were my "Cinderella Story" of this year's tournament and they are looking like one of the top teams in the Sweet 16.

Michigan is one of those schools that does well in multiple sports and because this team isn't the one coached by Jim Harbaugh I would love to see them succeed.

Outside of Syracuse, the North Carolina Tar Heels have always been a favourite of mine so if a No. 1 seed is going to win that's my pick.

The Oregon Ducks would be nice because they are led by a Canadian in Dillon Brooks. No matter which school a Canuck plays for I am a semi fan. That and the Ducks are always innovating when it comes to sports uniforms and I am a sucker for cool designs when it comes to sportswear.

And Gonzaga is right up there because... well... who doesn't like Gonzaga!??!?! In a short time they have gone from to Cinderella Central, to a consistent contender. And now a number 1 seed with a legit chance to win it all.

Or maybe I will cheer for the only double digit seed left in Xavier! Or not! They automatically fall out of favour because of my weird distaste for the letter "X".

Whatever is in store for the Sweet 16 and beyond I am sure it will be just as MAD as the first weekend and just as entertaining.

Hopefully your winning pick is still alive and makes it all the way. Good luck.

P.S. I really like seeing Golden State beat Oklahoma City in NBA basketball. OKC has this weird swagger about them that I can't stand. It’s probably because they might not win a game all year if it was not for Russell Westbrook.

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