CHEAP SEATS: We need to do more for veterans’ mental health

Enough is enough.

In fact it’s way too much, to the point where this country’s treatment of veterans’ mental health issues has become a national disgrace.

This week military veteran Lionel Desmond, who had been trying to get treatment for PTSD, apparently killed himself and three members of his family in another tragic incident that graphically shows how bad our response to helping our veterans is.

An organization that tracks such statistics reported this week that at least 54 Canadian military members have committed suicide – since 2014.

And advocates for veterans say the government’s response continues to be, “excruciatingly slow,” with no signs of improving anytime soon.

We need to do more. These are men and women who have become ill because of the jobs we ask them to do, because of the horrible and horrifying things they do on our behalf.

It is our responsibility to make sure they receive every possible help we can make available to them.

Our government needs to step up. It needs to spend money. It needs to provide the services necessary to help save these lives.

We need to do more. Because right now, we aren’t doing anywhere near enough.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seasts

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