CHEAP SEATS: Trump turning into the boy who cried wolf

Last month, the U.S. courts revealed for the first time that “the Emperor” Donald Trump had no clothes when it came to his efforts to unilaterally ban people from certain countries from entering the country.

Now the president himself looks like he is trying to model himself after another storied character – the boy who cried wolf.

Since the election, Trump has been trying – in vain -- to shake stories linking him Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Now Trump has taken on a familiar strategy to divert the public from his own issues, namely saying something preposterous about someone else.

In this case, Trump has accused former president Barrack Obama of wiretapping him during the election, an assertion so ridiculous the FBI has asked the Justice Department to contradict it.

The problem, though, is that every time Trump says something this inane, he tears down his credibility a little bit more.

Eventually Trump will have say something not only true, but also important. But will there be anyone around who still believes him at the point?

The thing is, Donald Trump isn’t the first president to bend the truth and lose voter’s trust.

He’s just taking his brand of story-telling to a whole new level.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats

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