CHEAP SEATS: Trudeau becoming a leading world figure

An old saying notes that a prophet is not without honour, save in his own house, which is basically a poetic way to say sometimes others see things a little differently from a far than we see them from up close.

Like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

By all accounts the honeymoon with the prime minister has come to a halt. Whether it be the his reversal on changing how we vote, his increased deficits or his continued stumbles at various town halls, the bloom is off the Trudeau rose.

In Canada. Elsewhere that is far from the case.

The prime minster has just returned from yet another series of visits abroad, these following the vote approving a new trade deal between Canada and Europe.

On a continent becoming continually isolationist and inward looking, Trudeau has been hailed as, among other things, the “anti-Trump.”

In fact, the president of the European Parliament, went further, saying Trudeau can act as a bridge between the United States and Europe, arguably among the world’s most important relationships.

Big responsibilities, ones Trudeau seems not only willing to take on but in the eyes of many more than capable of taking on.

The question is whether Canadians are willing to look past whatever missteps the prime minister makes at home in order to let him take even bigger strides on the world stage.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats.

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