Bus Cancellations: 04/27/2017

CHEAP SEATS: Tories running wild on electricity rates

The biggest stumbling block for the Ontairo Progressive Conservatives in 2018 may be that the election is in June rather than January.

Electricity prices are less of a concern when the air conditioning is barely running than when the pipes are freezing.

That being said, the PCs seem to have found their issue and they are running with it as the Liberals scramble to fix the problems they have created over the last decade.

Right now it appears to be advantage PCs.

PC leader Patrick Brown, speaking to Mark and Ingrid on 95.5 Wednesday, recited a laundry list of Liberal mistakes and Tory pledges to fix them.

The thing for the PCs that is so different now is that they don’t even need to prove their promises will work; at this point anything appears to be better than what has gone on for the last 10 years.

And while the Liberals seem to recognize the hole they have dug for themselves, even their reactions – eliminating some of the taxes, stopping companies from disconnecting people in the winter – just seem like much too little much too late.

There remains about 15 months until an election campaign takes to the streets, a lot of time for the Liberals to regain their footing or the PCs to stumble.

But right now the Tories are running full steam ahead, while the Liberals are just trying not to get trampled.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats

From the Cheap Seats can be heard Monday to Friday at 7 a.m., 9 a.m. and noon on 95.5 Hits FM and Cool 100.1

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Bus Cancellations

April 27, 2017

LATE BUS: Martin's bus 255 is running 35 minutes late to East Northumberland Secondary School in Brighton.