CHEAP SEATS: Road closures in place for a reason

As police officers across Quinte and around the province conduct a seasonal safety blitz, police in Belleville are also dealing with a problem that is as baffling as it is disturbing.

We are now in the middle of Canada Road Safety Week. It launched here in Quinte on Tuesday, targetting improper seat belt use, as well as distracted, aggressive and impaired driving.

But even as officers make sure we obey the everyday rules of the road, Belleville Police are continuing to hand out tickets for people driving around barricades on flooded streets.

The barriers are clearly marked, there are signs, and for the first few days there were warnings. But, people kept doing it.

It's unsafe because no one knows what is in and under the water and it causes additional damage to properties as it moves things around.

For pedestrians its even worse. The water hides ditches and in some cases pieces of metal or bacteria straight from the Bay. And there is no good reason to be doing it. None.

So, a word of thanks to Belleville Police and an apology on behalf of law abiding citizens. Hopefully good decision making will return long before the waters fully recede.

I'm Paul Martin and that's how I see things. Taking the week to sit in Bill Glisky's Cheap Seats.

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