CHEAP SEATS: Nothing more important than fighting distracted driving

Belleville Police Chief Ron Gignac, talking to the Belleville Chamber of Commerce about the community safety plan for the next three years, noted sometimes things need to change. “If you are wise, you modify,” he said.

He convinced me. On that, and on the need to do whatever is necessary to end distracted driving.

A while ago, I criticized the police force for a sting operation to nab distracted drivers, arguing it used resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

I was wrong because the reality is, right now, there is no better place to spend resources.

As Gignac explained Wednesday, distracted and impaired driving are the leading threat to traffic and pedestrian safety in Belleville.

They cause more injuries, more deaths, more “carnage” to use Gignac’s words, than any other illegal actions out there.

If any other criminal element was doing this much damage, we would be screaming for the police to be doing everything imaginable to put a stop to it. As we should.

So, following the advice to be wise and modify, I salute Ron Gignac and the Belleville Police Service for their fight to stop distracted and impaired driving, and urge them to continue to find new and creative ways to do so.

Nothing is more important, regardless of what some people might say.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats.

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