Bus Cancellations: 05/25/2017

CHEAP SEATS: Health care bill failure gives Trump opponents hope

The defeat of Republican plans to replace Obamacare in the United States is more than a victory for millions of Americans who will keep affordable health care.

It’s a victory for everyone concerned about the myriad of promises and pledges made by Donald Trump and his party for the past eight years.

The repeal of Obamacare wasn’t just a campaign promise made by Trump and the Republicans – it was THE campaign promise, the one above all others, the single issue on which they were all united.

Except, clearly they weren’t. Because it wasn’t the Democrats that defeated the Obamacare repeal, it was Republicans – some in the political centre, some to the far right -- who wouldn’t come on board.

And it says a great deal about how these congressmen feel that even when pushed by Trump to, in his words, “do the right thing,” they held their ground.

In fact, this result shows clearly that contrary to their election day bravado, the Republicans are not united, certainly not on every issue and clearly not behind their president.

And it leaves the question that if Trump can’t get health care reform passed by his own party, what exactly can he get passed?

At the very least it gives hope to all those afraid of Trump’s agenda and the possibility he may actually make some of it happen.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats

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Bus Cancellations

May 25, 2017

LATE BUSES: The first run of Martin's bus 134 is now running 45 minutes late to Napanee this morning.

The first run of Foley bus 457 w/c is running 10 minutes late to Belleville this morning.