Bus Cancellations: 05/29/2017

CHEAP SEATS: Good to see good news stories about Belleville police

More often than not in the news businesses if the police are being mentioned, the story is not a good news one.

This week has been a notable exception as five local police officers have been hailed by local residents as heroes.

The five – Constable Terri Smith, Detective-Sergeant Ian Jarvis, Constable Todd Bennett, Detective Constable Pat Kellar and Detective Constable Mark Abrams – have been nominated for the Police Association of Ontario’s Hero of the Year Award.

The fact they have been nominated by some of the citizens they work to serve and protect make the nominations that much more noteworthy.

Police Chief Ron Gignac acknowledged as much, expressing his thanks and appreciatioin for the people who had nominated his officers.

 “We go above and beyond every day and night,” Gignac said, “and it’s nice to see a ray of light being shone upon the commitment of these officers.”

He’s right. We have enough bad news stories to know that not all police officers deserve the high regard in which we should hold them.

But many do. It’s good to see a few of those getting the recognition they deserve.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats

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Bus Cancellations

May 29, 2017

LATE BUSES: The first run of Martin's bus 134 is running 15 minutes late to Napanee this morning.

The first run of Foley bus 487 w/c is running 20 minutes late to the Madoc-area this morning. The 2nd run of 487 is now running 15 minutes late to Marmora.

The 2nd run of First Student Canada - Picton bus 602 is running 15 minutes late to Picton this morning.

The 2nd run of C. Smith bus 893 is running 20 minutes late to Batawa this morning.