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CHEAP SEATS: Gatward put helping others ahead of recognition

In government, there are always those people don’t do very much but take a lot of credit.

And then there are those who do a great deal and get very little credit. Like Steve Gatward, director of Hastings County Community and Human Services.

For 35 years, Gatward has worked for what was formerly known as social services, first as a case worker, then as deputy director and for the last four years as director, where he has overseen the complete restructuring of the department.

That restructuring has been focused on a single objective: to make it easier for people in need to get the services, the assistance, the help, they need.

That is what Gatward has been doing for his entire career – helping people get the help they need, whether it be housing, food, or financial assistance. Whatever they need, for three and a half decades Gatward has been there to help.

Not for the glory. Not for the recognition. Because he has gotten very little of either.

He has done it because he has a heart as big as his broad chest, and compassion as outstanding as his iconic mustache.

After 35 years, Gatward is retiring, and that is a loss for Hastings County. But we are all infinitely better off because of the time Steve Gatward spent making our home a better place to live, for all of us.

I’m Bill Glisky, saying bon voyage and thank you Steve Gatward, From the Cheap Seats.

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Bus Cancellations

April 27, 2017

LATE BUS: Martin's bus 255 is running 35 minutes late to East Northumberland Secondary School in Brighton.