CHEAP SEATS: Courts show Emperor Trump has no clothes

The news that the U.S. federal court of appeal has suspended the ban on travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries is good news from many people, not the least of which is those people from the seven countries in question.

But it is also very important for all Americans to finally see that this emperor has no clothes.

For basically the last two years, Donald Trump has been saying anything he wants, promising anything he wants without regard for two things – the truth, and whether he can actually do what he say he is going to do.

And millions of Americans took his word for it.

The fact, first, a state judge, then three federal judges have been able to stand up to him and say, “Stop,” is quite possibly the first time anyone has been able to put the brakes on Trump’s runaway ego.

In the campaign, Trump treated truth like an inconvenience to be dismissed whenever he felt the need, which was most of the time he spoke.

Now that might come back to haunt him, might actually come back to stop him.

Even if the courts eventually find in his favor, this will at least be one moment when Trump’s words ran head on into reality.

With luck it won’t be the last.

I’m Bill Glisky and that’s the way I see things From the Cheap Seats

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