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AS I WAS SAYING: Thanksgiving a good time to start attitude of gratitude


AS I WAS SAYING: Thanksgiving a good time to start attitude of gratitude

The cornerstone of the autumn experience is Thanksgiving.  Historically, it signified the harvest and gave us the opportunity to gather and celebrate the crops.  It has long held religious significance moulded throughout generations, across civilizations and shaped by cultures that we need to take the time to give thanks.  To cease the labour, to celebrate together.

Today, with agriculture becoming only a part of our overall economy, Thanksgiving is now seen through a quaint old fashioned lens.  We decorate our homes with paraphernalia from yesteryear looking to capture the spirit of Thanksgiving of old….which is too bad.  Frankly, I think we need a spirit of Thanksgiving more than ever.

In a recent Twitter poll with 95.5 Hits FM listeners, close to 80 per cent responded that Thanksgiving meant either time spent with family or a time to reflect and give thanks.  That is a very good number.  What I want to know is this:  Give thanks for what?

We have so much, and therefore we have so much for which to be thankful. 

But in our disposable, trade-up to a new plan, faster upload speed society, we are rarely if ever encouraged to pause, reflect and be grateful.  Life is coming at you at light speed and if you blink, you may miss something important. 

In fact, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a recognized condition that psychologists are warning will become more apparent as more and more people become unable to put their down their cellphones, lap tops and tablets. 

At the dinner table, few people will give thanks that they are now 100 per cent connected to their work 100 per cent of the time thanks to technology.  Yet, for the other 364 days of the year, we crave the connection.    

Our great great great grandparents celebrated Thanksgiving to ensure that wouldn’t happen.  But look at us now.

Many of us believe that spending time with our families is a hallmark of Thanksgiving, but are we truly giving each other the attention that “spending time” indicates. 

We’ve all seen the viral photos of four people around a lunch table on their phones ignoring the other three.  That is the 2016 view of a lunch date.

Now I am not an anti-technology, anti-Internet or anti-communication guy.  Far from it. 

But what I am….is a strong proponent of Thanksgiving.  Not just the day.  I would love to see everyone foster an “attitude of gratitude”.  Giving thanks is such a vital part of a healthy personality that to not tap into it and share it with those close to you is a missed opportunity for growth experiences for ourselves and for our loved ones.….and especially for our children. 

Our ancestors learned very quickly that gathering together created strong bonds of friendship, support and protection.  They are all important human connections that are being criticized as old-fashioned and out of date.  If you think that is an exaggeration, look out your front door and name your five closest neighbours. 

No, I don’t want to trade in the sedan for a covered wagon or have to draw water from a village well, but I believe that we should always give thanks for what we have. 

Give thanks to each other and to your God.  Give thanks for health and hospitals, education and schools.  For employment and businesses, food and farmers. 

In a world where so many have so little, we have so much.  And to foster a culture where gratitude is considered passe would be a tragedy.

So Happy Thanksgiving.  I truly hope that as you ponder your good fortunes and blessings that you also renew an attitude of gratitude. 

The world seems to have a shortage of it.  

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Bus Cancellations

May 29, 2017

LATE BUSES: The first run of Martin's bus 134 is running 15 minutes late to Napanee this morning.

The first run of Foley bus 487 w/c is running 20 minutes late to the Madoc-area this morning. The 2nd run of 487 is now running 15 minutes late to Marmora.

The 2nd run of First Student Canada - Picton bus 602 is running 15 minutes late to Picton this morning.

The 2nd run of C. Smith bus 893 is running 20 minutes late to Batawa this morning.