APPLE SEEDS: Marking a milestone with shiny dresses


APPLE SEEDS: Marking a milestone with shiny dresses

Recently my two sisters, and the two sisters we have known all of our lives, decided to take a leap and embark on a trip together.  Yep…  Vegas Baby.   

Milestones are marked in Vegas and this trip was no exception. 

Twenty-five years ago, with one of the sisters home from the west on a family visit, and during a nostalgic summer camping trip, the five of us pledged to meet annually around a campfire, with a cooler of beverages and the best food you could make on an open flame. 

Ask me… I know it to be true because I drew the responsibility of Saturday night dinner 17 of 25 times.  Odds makers in Vegas would have lost their shirts on that one.

The milestone has been met.  Our camping trips have mellowed, our coolers lighter, but our enthusiasm never wanes. 

And it was inevitable we would ramp it up to make sure we made our mark.  Enter Vegas.  Two of us, old-timers to sin city.  Two – newbies, fresh off the plane, and one having experienced the classic conference trip.   

We zip-lined down Fremont Street, we took advantage of the photo op with the self-promoting Chippendales and Darth Vader with friends Chewbacca and Yoda. 

We ate our burgers at the “Heart Attack Grill” watching “macho” men line up to get spanked (and I don’t mean lovingly paddled – but spanked with great power and gusto) for not eating all on their plates. This shtick sounds cheesy, I know, but strangely enough – hilarious.

It would seem unlikely given that our location can be seen from outerspace, but we bedazzled the streets of Vegas.  Sporting five matching, shiny, sequined dresses, we could not get 30 feet in any direction without being randomly stopped by complete strangers - to be included in someone’s selfie. 

More times than not, we were asked for our story: what’s the occasion; are we “a group”.   My answer – “Of course we are, we know it but they won’t let us on stage.”  

We arrived at the Donny and Marie Osmond concert and the usher immediately identified with the “shiny ladies”.  Our “back of the room” booth miraculously became ring-side seats as a result of those sequined dresses. (btw – I came out with a small girl crush on the incredibly beautiful and talented Marie – these show-biz siblings know how to entertain). 

Lesson to take away – it is impossible to have a bad day in a shiny dress. 

Did you note the earlier 25 year reference?  Yeah… we are older gals.  And at fifty-ish, you don’t really have to impress anyone.  You can allow yourself the freedom of just having fun.  

But to quote George Bernard Shaw, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

My mantra: “It is what it is.” And what it is, is shiny, very shiny. 

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