APPLE SEEDS:  Inspiration to go for the gold.

Staff of Carpet One - Win Gold


APPLE SEEDS:  Inspiration to go for the gold.

TEAM BUILDING is important to every business.  Countless books have been written, seminars and retreats given, all with their own take on why and how to make it happen. 

Management and employees tend to agree that team building exercises are crucial, particularly in today’s high-stress environment. With limited time and resources, many working folk find themselves either too busy or too tired to do any more than what is required based on their job description.

Maybe all we need to do is KISS. (Keep it simple stupid). 

If staff isn’t getting along and morale is low, warning bells should start to ring.    Businesses where employees work together and enjoy it, perform more successfully than businesses who don’t.  Employees can be competitive, yet still effective. 

I was fortunate enough to witness that philosophy at a local business recently. 

Carpet One, on Coleman Street in Belleville, a true community partner, selected Gleaners Food Bank Quinte as its Annual Charity and the 1st Annual Office Olympics was created to help support it.  With the Rio Summer Olympics just a few weeks away, the theme seemed appropriate.  

Every business needs at least one employee to fire things up; the one person that is ready to take the plunge and organize, rally the troops, and just get it done.   Sandra VanHeuvelen is that employee at Carpet One.

With nearly 100 per cent participation, teams were selected, countries represented, decorations hung and with 10 events, they were ready to Let the Games Begin!

Opening ceremonies included lighting the torch and the release of the doves (video provided below) ending in the ever popular, pot luck lunch. 

Knowing the games might inflict pulled muscles and wounded egos, each person vowed to stay true to the spirit of the games.  

Three teams competed for medals in 10 events...

Easy Olympic Trivia, White Board Archery, Mini Golf Challenge, Office Bean Bag Toss, Elastic Band & Coffee Cup Shoot, Trash Can Basket Ball, Paper Air Planes, Shot Gun Pop Can Shoot, Fire Arm Poker & 10 Pin Bowling. 

The tally board was proudly displayed in the centre of the retail floor, with staff and customers alike enjoying the good-hearted trash talk between competitors.

Winning teams and guests (which I was fortunate to be included) gathered. Closing ceremonies were held, complete with medals, prizes and crying towels and of course, the highly anticipated pot-luck lunch. 

Interestingly, three teams competed for three levels – gold, silver and bronze.  Everyone was a winner - including Gleaners. 

Team Gold,  "Costa Rican Clusters" - Lynn Burley, Greg Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Bryan Somerville
Team Silver,  "Kazakhstan because we can"-  Cathy Millington, Steve Burley, Jeremy Burley, Dan Parent
Team Bronze,  "Slovenia Stealth" -  Mike Woodley,  Pam Stewart, Mark O'Donnell, Sandi VanHeuvelen

Thanks to a supportive business owner (and participating athlete), the dedication of employees thinking outside of the box, and the enthusiasm of a group of co-workers, the community benefited in many ways.

Gleaners got some money, and to any who cared to engage, Carpet One showed us that an unbridled competitive nature can build team spirit! 

Slogans abound, created to inspire the masses to work together.  After all, 50% of your “awake time” during any business day is spent with people you work with.  In many cases, you spend more time with your co-workers than members of your family.   That is a lot of time. 

Let’s remember to enjoy it.  Lighten up, and have some fun!  Maybe you’re that one person that can make it happen at your workplace.  SCROLL DOWN and CLICK FOR PHOTO GALLERY

• "There is no 'I' in TEAM" ~ Anonymous

• "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success" ~ Henry Ford

• "One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team" ~ Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Carpet One's 'Release of the Doves'

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