APPLE SEEDS:  Apple a day and YouTube


APPLE SEEDS:  Apple a day and YouTube

Computers and the Internet are still somewhat of a phenomenon to me. 

I admit that in the early days of my career, you could find me standing next to the fax machine in awe.  Although I didn’t even come close to understanding how it worked, I thought it was one of the coolest things ever.    

That was then.  Now – the world is a different place.   Everything is closer.  Propaganda has an entire new platform.   News and information are instantly accessible, but as a result sometimes compromised by opinion and hearsay. 

Yes… it can get complicated.

But, WE all get to know about whatever we want.  The “Hmm, I wonder” moments can quickly morph into “Let’s google it.”  Spirited conversation and debate takes on a new persona when you know that with a click or a swipe, facts and details are close and ready to tip the scales.

There are things I very much enjoy about technology (like spell check when I am typing words like phenomenon).  Youtube holds a fascination for me unparalleled by Facebook, Instagram and any number of Apps currently trending.  (see… I may be in the middle realm of my lifespan, but I know the lingo).  It may even rival my ‘apple a day’.

Recently, I have become re-inspired to pick up my guitar and thanks to a patient cousin, I am toughening up my finger tips and learning to play. This week, the instantly recognizable first few bars of Hotel California (notes – not just chords which was my original goal) is my assigned homework. 

Enter Youtube – I needed the real thing. 

After watching an epic live 1977 performance from the Eagles, I found an acapella (voice only) version of Hotel California by a Cuban group ‘Vocal Sampling’. 

I spent the next 6 minutes and 47 seconds totally absorbed in listening to five guys sing and play their vocal chords.  The best part starts 4:18 in, lyrics done, and now a wailing guitar.  (note: not the best part of the original song – which is of course the lyrics) Check out 

I then moved on to their rendition of “Every Breath You Take”, originally released in 1983 by The Police on the Synchronicity album.  I really do need to dust off some vinyl.   This was even better than Hotel California (to be clear – their renditions, not the songs). 

Intrigued by the tagline “This Guy has a guitar in his mouth” I was blown away yet again. Michael Winslow (Police Academy credentials) sitting on a late-night TV couch showed me a Whole Lotta Love in a whole new way. 

I had been sucked into the Youtube world, where time stood still as I was entertained. I whimsically moved from video to video, finding treasure after treasure. 

Youtube has taught and brought me many things –

  • Information - How to remove the mower deck from our lawn tractor?
  • Best belly laugh ever – Peter Kay LIVE stand up with funny song lyrics
  • Best emotional cry over TV commercials - with the Budweiser Clydesdales

The list is long and diverse.  I have been introduced to artists and music I would not have heard of.  I have learned dance moves like the “running man” and the Viennese Waltz – okay, tried to learn.

Our world is different because of instant access to stuff. 

Yes… unlimited, and oftentimes un-censored access to stuff can make things complicated.   And time?  Technology doesn’t save time, it just changes what we do with it. 

Speaking of time.   Take some,  ENJOY – and YOUTUBE responsibly.

This Guy has a Guitar in his Mouth

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