AMANDA MEANS BUSINESS: Studio expansion brings fitness to downtown Picton (photo gallery)

Fitness Powers, a fitness studio in downtown Picton, recently expanded to include a new space, the former pharmacy at 237 Main Street. AMANDA LORBETSKI/INQUINTE.CA


AMANDA MEANS BUSINESS: Studio expansion brings fitness to downtown Picton (photo gallery)

A fitness studio known for commitment to its customers and community involvement is giving back in a new way, with a recent expansion in downtown in Picton.

Fitness Powers, owned and operated by personal trainer Tracy Powers at 231 Main Street, recently expanded to a second space next door.

The former pharmacy at 237 Main Street now provides a different kind of ‘medicine,' Powers said adding that the new acquisition allowed her to expand her services to include massage and post-rehabilitation treatments unique to Fitness Powers, (many of them covered by personal health insurance plans.)

“We’re trying to service as many people as we can in the best way possible.”

Powers said her staff of six, including herself, works hard to stay on top of the latest fitness innovations and techniques to provide the highest quality service for their clients.

“Partnering with different resources and other health professionals in the area – I strongly believe in that,” she said. “Bringing all our resources together, we can really, truly help individuals.”

Powers added that the studio works with the Ottawa Heart Institute and Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging to ensure programs offered meet the needs of the County's aging population.

“It’s really important that we understand what happens while we age, some of the health issues that come along with that and how we can work with individuals to create longevity and to help them stay independent.”

Loss of mobility and poor posture related to alzheimers/dementia, osteoporosis and heart issues are just some of the emerging health issues seen by trainers, Powers added.

To help address these issues, “We try to get people moving,” she said. “We try to focus on exercises that will open the body, strengthen and bring them into better form so they can function properly.”

Through guidance and support, trainers help facilitate cardiovascular fitness, weight-bearing exercises for improved bone density, walking and a gradual increase in workout intensity.

A new program also offers support to women going through menopause.

“How to train and how to eat properly for that because there are things that you should know and follow as you go through that stage of life,” Powers said.

From yoga to Belly Fit, weight loss/management to improving overall health for chronic health conditions, she added that the studio is open to adults of all ages and abilities.

“It’s not necessarily always about weight loss – With the focus on losing bad habits as opposed to just looking at the weight,” she said. “Losing the bad habits and creating some new ones.”

As of September, Fitness Powers opened a training room at the Wellington Community Centre. Group classes are also offered for Quinte Health Care staff on-site at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital staff three days per week.

Personal training starts with a free consultation, setting expectations, discussing health issues, the client's goals and schedule.

“It helps me decide in-future, what exact fitness assessments or tests I need to do with that individual to create a perfect program for them,” Powers said.

Rates range from $25 to $30 for 30 minutes and massage appointments can also be booked.

Classes are $10 per class plus HST or a monthly fee of $95 plus HST including a quarterly check-in and discount on personal training. No locked memberships encourage clients to pre-book sessions early.

Fitness Powers serviced a total of 403 clients through personal training, post-rehab and classes in 2016.

“That’s pretty exciting,” Powers said. “I remember the day when I said I just wanted to get 50 clients.”

Support from County residents in South Bay, Wellington and as far as Adolphustown near Napanee motivates Powers to continue to expand her brand.

“I’m very fortunate that we have the support of a lot of great people in the community,” she said.

“I always tell the trainers that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for those people that supported us in coming to our classes and signing-up for training. That's what keeps us going.”

To learn more, click here, like Fitness Powers on Facebook or follow @FitnessPowers on Twitter.

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